Modular Wall system

Space Division’s modular wall system panels comprise of semi-rigid insulation forming a dimensionally stable core between self-finished, fibre reinforced face boards. Panels are manufactured to tightly controlled sections with recesses on both vertical edges into which our patented continuity battens are fitted during installation.

Standard Panel

co-joining panels

Our modular wall panels effortlessly co-join as the continuity battens are pressed into the panel recesses. By pushing the panels together with the batten in place we quickly form a strong monolithic wall and maintain its fire protection and acoustic insulation properties across the joint.

single panel
single panel plus batten
second panel
second panel joined

Efficient construction

One of the many advantages of our modular wall system is the elimination of unnecessary construction processes.
Integrating electrical back boxes and conduits into our panels during manufacture significantly reduces the electrician’s on-site role and wiring times. Once panels are erected, cables are simply drawn through the conduits to each power or data point and terminated onto the face plates.

unnecessary construction 500

Door Cassettes

To overcome the traditionally slow process of building door frames and hanging doors in-situ, we developed fully integrated, pre-hung “door cassettes”. Off-site manufactured to tight tolerances, each assembly incorporates the frame, lining and door in a simple, coherent and structurally stable module that slots onto our system’s track before sliding easily into position and jointing with adjacent panels in one efficient action.

door cassette 500 grey

Joint filling

Completing our system once panels are installed could not be simpler. Joint filling with a readily available proprietary filler sanded to a smooth finish is all that is required prior to application of an environmentally friendly, anti-viral and air purifying decoration system for improved occupier wellbeing.