While the UK single unit residential market has been our initial focus, Space Division’s modular walling system has huge opportunity in numerous property types and global locations.


Our system has applications in all residential sectors: privately owned, social, care homes, single unit apartments, student accommodation, estate and landlord owned. Our prototype has addressed the challenges of single unit homes, where the greater robustness of our panels compared to gypsum-based systems reduces cost in use, making them especially beneficial to the build-to-rent market.


Rapid installation of our off-site manufactured modular wall system enables City Centre commercial fitting out to be undertaken in a controlled, low waste, high productivity environment. Removing the need to transit raw board and construction materials into occupied buildings brings enormous benefits.


Most places of learning are constructed with vast expanses of repetitious internal walls. Construction, remodelling and refurbishment during out-of-term time requires short on-site build durations. Off-site manufacturing, effectively managed logistics, integrated plumbing and electrical services and pre-decorated panels, allows new educational spaces to be created in compressed timelines.


Expeditious construction of new healthcare facilities and the rapid repurposing of spaces is a government priority. Our internal modular walling system provides the ideal solution for both scenarios with the same advantages it offers to commercial and educational projects.


Space Division’s modular walling panels can be manufactured local to the point of installation anywhere in the world using semi-skilled labour. Our system provides a low carbon, efficient, speed-to-occupancy solution where local materials may not be suitable. Walling applications for temporary installations, exhibitions, military personnel accommodation, displaced communities and remote workforces are just some of its potential uses.


The Government’s ‘Retrofit for the Future’ programme is driving the deployment of new materials, products and technologies into existing buildings to reduce energy use, cut carbon emissions and save running costs. Space Division’s system enables rapid repurposing to create efficiently heated, low carbon dwellings whilst honouring and preserving historic significance.