modular wall system example


Efficient. Intelligent. Sustainable.

Space Division is the inventor and developer of an internal modular wall system adopting the principles of offsite manufacturing, Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). It comprises of insulated modular panels, jointed and decorated to produce a smooth, seamless finish without the need for plastering.


Off-site manufacturing enables scalability and just-in-time logistics. Designed for simple, intuitive installation with integrated doors, frames and M&E services, our modular wall system eliminates unnecessary processes and trade coordination. Combined with superior fire resistance, airborne sound reduction and robustness, these credentials make a compelling case.


Our smart walls can create truly connected spaces. The incorporation of cost-effective smart devices in our panels and installations helps facilitate improved lifestyles and enhanced wellbeing, and informs businesses of occupier and consumer trends via real time access to data.


The fundamental tenets of our vision are to secure transformational change in the way we build and to reduce our impact upon the environment. Our system produces almost no waste during manufacture and construction. The component materials used have positive environmental credentials, low embodied carbon and excellent recycling attributes.