Space Division’s modular walling innovation was founded to disrupt the outmoded UK Construction Industry and capitalise upon the inherent transformational change that this reordering brings. Building a partnership with a like-minded visionary will provide significant business benefit that is fundamental to our development plans. In return we will share ownership in this opportunity commensurate with contribution and success.


Our prototyping programme has reached a critical stage. Alignment of our intellectual property with an organisation that excels at R&D and production is now paramount. We seek to partner with a business that has robust and mature supply chain relations, digital design capabilities, ability to manufacture accurately at scale and has efficient systematic inbound and outbound logistics.


We envisage real benefits from integrating our offering with an established business platform that already has in place all the functions needed to succeed… Sales and Marketing, HR, Finance & Accounting. That platform must be capable of providing strong market penetration and expanding market share through the rapid adoption of our modular wall system.


‘Renowned Figurehead’ and ‘Eminent Entrepreneur’ are typical descriptors of the person we want to bring influence and opportunity to Space Division. Someone with extensive connections and access to resources. A Captain of the construction industry whose interests are closely aligned with ours.


Building a successful modular wall brand and achieving consistently high margins requires manpower committed to efficient, sustainable methodologies and a management team motivated by continuous improvement. Our business partner will have enlightened resources in locations of high construction demand with the expertise and systems to consistently deliver high quality, defect free modular wall installations.