Originating from widely divergent backgrounds yet with complementary expertise, the innovators at Space Division walling systems share a simple, common ideology: challenging convention for business benefit and social gain. Whether inventing the next generation of medical devices or seeking faster, smart ways to deliver capital projects, driving dramatic improvement through creative application is their motivation.


As the engineer amongst us, Matt leads on product design and provides our core technical discipline. His inventiveness has been harnessed to truly innovate our system through the deployment of both established and emerging new materials. Matt has torn up convention creating clever solutions with protectable intellectual property to address industry shortcomings.


Geoff’s leadership of Space Division leans heavily on his broad property and construction sector knowledge and experience. He possesses technical, project and business management expertise supported by an extensive commercial network. His natural entrepreneurial flair and burn to make a difference in all situations aligns with his belief that every challenge provides opportunity.


Finance and funding are Stuart’s forte. He’s a renowned problem solver and a clear, methodical planner whose analytical thinking has helped simplify many complex issues. He draws much from his extensive experience in the specialist world of industrial adhesives and tapes; not what one might expect from someone with a successful career in banking.