What Are The Benefits of Using Modular Wall Systems?

The three key benefits of using Modular Wall Systems are efficiency, intelligence and sustainability. The systems are designed for simple, intuitive installation and the integrated door, frames and M&E services eliminates unnecessary processes and installation complications. Once installed, the systems reduce airborne sounds, offer superior fire resistance and ensure strengthened walls.

Our intelligent and integrated smart walls create truly connected spaces. The incorporation of cost-effective smart devices in our panels and installations helps facilitate improved lifestyles, mental stimulation and improved wellbeing.

The vision behind our walls is to reduce our impact upon the environment and to secure transformational change in the way we build. Our system produces almost no waste during manufacture and construction and the component materials used have positive environmental credentials, low embodied carbon and excellent recycling attributes.

Is the Space Division Modular Walling System Patented?

Space Division’s Modular Walling System is patented and Space Division is currently looking for a like-minded visionary to form a business partnership with to fundamentally reshape construction for a better-built environment.

Where can Modular Wall Systems be used?

Modular Wall Systems are used in various different settings and have multiple potential uses. Our initial focus has been the UK single unit residential market; however, Space Division’s modular wall system has huge potential and can be installed in numerous property types around the globe. Our modular walling system can be installed in residential, commercial, educational, healthcare, semi-permanent and retrofit properties.

How Stable are Space Division Modular Walls?

Our face board resists mould and termite ingress and is completely inert to water. A completed Space Division modular wall withstands higher impact loads, greater domestic wear and tear and can sustain greater hanging weights. All of which will be of comfort to landlords, property owners and insurance companies.

Can I Include A Door Or Window in Modular Wall Panels?

We can include doors and windows for you within our Modular walls. To overcome the traditionally slow process of building door frames and hanging doors in-situ, we developed fully integrated, pre-hung “door cassettes”. Off-site manufactured to tight tolerances, each assembly incorporates the frame, lining and door in a simple, coherent and structurally stable module that slots onto our system’s track before sliding easily into position and jointing with adjacent panels in one efficient action.

Are The Modular Wall Panels Soundproof?

The strong monolithic walls that our modular wall panels create offer acoustic insulation properties throughout the system and reduces airborne sound.

Have The Wall Panels Gone Through Fire Testing?

Space Division has worked closely with Rockwool and a global board manufacturer to build significant fire resistance into our modular wall panels. Our 70mm thick panels are proven to provide two-hour resistance – which is remarkable considering our face boards are only 10mm thick. A major contributor to this performance is our patented continuity batten, developed bespoke with Rockwool’s technologists.

Are The Wall Panels Waterproof?

The Modular Walling System Panels are completely inert to water.