SMART walls

We fundamentally believe that the integration of smart technology with our system to create smart walls is a natural next step… one that provides huge opportunities for expanding revenue potential.

Embedding connected technology is not the only business opening. Working with our partners to monetise the captured data creates a truly “unicorn” opportunity for our stakeholders

Enhancing Lifestyles

Smart technology brings unlimited potential for enhancing lifestyles, mental stimulation and improving wellbeing. Recognising that everyone’s needs and aspirations are different, our simple mission is to enable occupants to enjoy the benefits derived from smart-connected spaces.

Data Capture

Data is said to be the new Oil… hugely sought after and immensely valuable to those who own and control it. Unlike oil data is not a finite resource, but if not refined it is of limited use. By partnering with data management specialists, our vision is to deploy smart devices to harvest data, distil it into a digital commodity and offer it into a broad range of markets.

Secondary Markets

Data generated by lifestyle devices is driving steep growth in the big data industry by unlocking its value and providing insight for secondary markets. Sectors such as insurance and financial services have become hugely reliant on data to develop, target and promote their future products and service offerings.

Revenue Streams

The global smart homes market is expected to grow to £135 billion by 2025. Selling refined data and insights derived from data is not just intended to augment our revenue streams, our ambition is to realise huge income and capital value by unlocking the latent potential of data generated in domestic environments.