ATTRIBUTES of our system

Leaning heavily on industry experts and cutting-edge technologies to develop our wall system, we’ve made astute material selections to optimise the performance of our modular wall panels. This measured approach has unlocked some previously unattainable and clearly measurable product attributes. Spatial and weight efficiency, waste elimination and the releasing of untapped potential are just some of the results.

Fire Resistant wall panels

Space Division has worked closely with Rockwool and a global board manufacturer to build significant fire resistance into our modular wall panels. Our 70mm thick panels are proven to provide two-hour resistance – which is remarkable considering our face boards are only 10mm thick. A major contributor to this performance is our patented continuity batten, developed bespoke with Rockwool’s technologists.

Airborne Sound

Another challenge we set for the performance of our system was to exceed the requirements of Part E of the Building Regulation regarding airborne sound resistance. Following advice from eminent acoustic test laboratory SRL and extensive testing of different insulation configurations, we achieved a weighted sound reduction index of Rw 47dB for panels providing sound attenuation properties. Our continuity batten plays an important part in securing this success.

Sustainable walls

We’ve majored on high performance criteria from naturally available, renewable materials. Our modular wall systems’ dimensions minimise weight and are efficient in virtually eliminating waste in both the manufacturing and installation processes. Being erected by broadly skilled technicians eliminates unnecessary trades, enabling a motivated workforce to take the install process from end to end.


Our face board resists mould and termite ingress and is completely inert to water. A completed Space Division wall withstands higher impact loads, greater domestic wear and tear and can sustain greater hanging weights. All of which will be of comfort to landlords, property owners and insurance companies.