Modern methods of construction

Whilst Modern Methods of Construction (MMC’s) are being (very!) slowly adopted in the UK, it is at nowhere near the level that other countries are embracing these new technologies.

By contrast, Scandinavia currently builds around 45% of all new homes utilising MMC’s and that statistic is growing. In Sweden 90% of single-family homes are now prefabricated, 60-70% of multi-family homes have some prefabricated elements, and 10% of multi-family homes are modular. [Source: Premier Constructions News]

Despite an increasing housing demand, skewed by a government that seems unwilling to fully mandate new housing targets, many manufacturers in the UK are re-focusing downwards to mitigate costs rather than scaling up production.

Without the certainty of a sustainable pipeline in the UK, MMC manufacturers are best-guessing the levels and types of demand for their innovative, future focused construction solutions. The Modern Methods of Construction revolution that was much vamped prior to the pandemic has failed to materialise. Strong government awareness, leadership and intervention is now essential to “prime the pumps”.

Creative, low carbon systems and modular walling products, like the system designed by Space Division, have been developed in readiness for the visionary central stewardship required to rapidly accelerate MMC integration – across all stages from planning and procurement through to installation and asset management. But the UK construction industry, by and large, still lumbers along, reluctant to embrace these ideas and products, preferring to persist with traditional build processes and materials.

Modern Methods of Construction, and in particular modular walling solutions, provide solutions to a multitude of problems faced within the UK construction industry, including reducing build timelines, relieving onsite congestion, permitting smart tech to be embedded with ease and delivering a sustainably sourced product with a lower carbon footprint.

Furthermore, if thoroughly planned, MMC has the potential to alleviate the skills shortage that is becoming increasingly problematic in the UK construction industry, as well as improving environmental performance, and even enable better quality housing to be created than those built by traditional means. [Source: Go Construct]

The Space Division modular walling system is ready to meet that challenge. Designed from the start to fulfil the demands of the future, our internal modular walling system will be part of the MMC revolution that is long overdue in the UK.